New Look! Mappier!

Thanks to everyone who sent in comments - both nice ones and not-so-nice ones (same to you, buddy) - about what they thought of this little site.

As you can see, we've got a whole new interface that is a whole lot "mappier" (note to self: get a thesaurus). We stripped out some of the features you weren't using, and increased the map size as well as it's usefulness. We think we've sped things up a bit as well, so be sure to let us know.

Got any ideas on how we can improve things even further? Let us know! In the News and Around the Web

Thanks to the following sites that have mentioned recently - it is much appreciated.

Add OffRoadAtlas to Your Site

Using our numerous RSS feeds, you can easily add a listing of off-road areas to your web site or blog. Full details after the jump.

More Speed!

Just a quick note to let everyone know about a recent change to the site. I just finished upgrading the theming for the site - the changes should speed up the page display considerably as well as make things nicer for Internet Explorer users.

Let me know via the contact page if you're seeing anything out of the ordinary.

Jeep Jamborees!

I'm pleased to announced that's we're partnering with Jeep Jamboree USA to display all of this year's Jeep Jamborees on the site. You'll see them on the map - distinguished from the rest of the off-road areas by their Jeep Jamboree icons. Check out the Jeep Jamboree USA site.